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There’s not a person in the working world who doesn’t experience stress on the job from time to time.

However, when stress becomes the norm, it can actually become detrimental, both to the employee and their job performance. That’s when workplace stress reduction strategies need to be put into place.

How Can You Reduce Workplace Stress?

Just like in an airplane emergency, you need to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and find healthy ways to blow off steam throughout the day. Take a walk at lunchtime. Stretch at your desk. Take breaks to get away from your desk. Organize your work and your work space so that projects are easily accessed.

Don’t keep negative feelings or problems at work bottled up inside. Learn to talk with others in positive ways to try to resolve workplace conflicts. Look for ways to improve the work environment for everyone.

Participate in the workplace culture. As a member of the team, support others toward a common goal. Join in at-work an after-work activities.

How Can Employers Help Workplace Stress Reduction?

Employers can support workplace stress reduction by creating a culture in which healthy behaviors are encouraged.


Be Clear About Your Expectations

Employees tend to worry when they aren’t sure if their performance is up to par, which adds extra stress to their already-busy day. Be clear about your expectations concerning their work, and share your goals for the company overall to create a team approach. Keep an open door policy and make yourself available to hear employee concerns without jumping to judgment. Many times they just want to be heard.


Help Employees Get More Physical Activity

Studies show that exercise is essential for stress reduction. Encourage employees to get outside for a walk, offer gym membership discounts, and create wellness programs. Allow breaks where employees can get out of their chairs for a few minutes each hour.


Encourage Vacations

So many workers today are skipping vacations, or taking just short breaks, claiming that the quantity of work just won’t allow them to get away. Some even take their work with them on vacation. To prevent employee burnout, stress the importance of a full vacation and manage workflow to enable employees to take time off without fear of losing their jobs.


Have Company Activities

Create outside-of-work activities that your team can enjoy, like a company picnic, bowling night or happy hour.


Support and Commend Your Employees

Knowing you are a valued employee makes any job so much more pleasurable. Take the time to praise and thank employees and highlight jobs well done. You’ll see a spike in productivity when employees feel they are making a valued contribution to the team. Establish a zero-tolerance for harassment culture.

When workers are stressed, the effects become evident in the form of low morale, job and health complaints and employee turnover. But this doesn’t have to be the case. By implementing simple workplace stress reduction tactics, your employees can be happy, healthy and productive.

Want to Reduce Stress in Your Workplace?

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