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Nobody wants workplace stress.

That’s why there are so many articles and helpful resources to help business owners, managers and employees avoid or eliminate stress and stressful situations in the office.

We took a moment to review the Top 5 Workplace Stress Articles in 2018 and are making them available to you here.

This article defines how our bodies are not equipped to handle long-term stress that manifests in the form of burnout. We are only built to deal with short-term bursts of stress. It offers tips on what to watch for and what to do when burnout hits. Important stressors and symptoms include lack of control, a perception of unfairness, the body’s physical symptoms, attitude changes, and loss of confidence.

Exploring the drivers of stress, author Jeffrey Pfeffer talks about what he calls “workplace exposures” that negatively impact human health. They include long working hours (more than 40), family-to-work and work-to-family conflicts, low control over one’s job and high demands to work fast as some of the biggest contributors. The article continues to explore the productivity and financial costs of workplace stress, and the three main reasons people leave a working environment.

Shocking statistics claim that men with diabetes, heart disease or those who previously suffered a stroke were 68% more likely to die if they had demanding jobs with little control over their workload. Even with other health and lifestyle factors, those who experienced job strain had a 68% greater risk of premature death than men in more manageable jobs. The article explores the findings of a 14-year international study highlighting the high toll of stress in the workplace.

According to the American Institute of Stress [], 80% of employees experience on-the-job stress, with close to half reporting that they need help with stress management for work issues. This article discusses often-unhealthy coping mechanisms and substances employees are using to help combat stress, including caffeine, sugar, alcohol, anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills. It also lists several techniques that can help to relieve workplace stress.

The StressPulse survey by ComPsych shows that the main causes of workplace stress include: workload, people issues, balancing professional and personal lives, and job security. Team dynamics also play an important role. The article explains the responsibilities of team leaders and managers to bring teams together to create a team charter outlining expectations for team function.

Any search of the Internet will bring forth hundreds of articles other than these Top 5 Workplace Stress Articles in 2018. But we thought this collection offered a mix of opinions, facts and remedies that could both provide insight and assistance with workplace stress.


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