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We’re reinventing

Management Consulting

Because it’s time for a change.

Finally, an approach to solving problems that doesn’t place all the burden on you. Because improving your organization’s game is always a team effort.

Step 1: Assess

An in-person conversation about your organization’s history, current situation, and goals.

We take a broad systematic approach to collecting, organizing, and integrating information. We encourage open dialogue, curiosity and questions.

Step 2: Design

A plan addressing 6 variables that influence behavior and team dynamics. We think about “old facts” in a new way.

We present 3 options for consideration. Most plans include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, stress and change management training.

Step 3: Implement

Learn and practice new behaviors, habits and skills in a series of in-person weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Virtual sessions are also included. We identify markers of change and provide status reports. We re-evaluate and adjust quarterly.

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Analia Medina
Organization Development Consultant & Executive Coach

About Kinetos 

 AnaLia is a former business development professional and solutions consultant, with more than 20 years’ experience working with federal government leaders and key decision makers in the United States and in foreign posts around the world.

She has devoted herself to studying the impact that chronic stress and anxiety has on group dynamics, individual functioning, resiliency, and morale. AnaLia has certifications in conflict resolution, project management, and co-active coaching. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management from the University of Maryland.

 The Kinetos Guiding Principles

  1. I believe in engaging the whole organization, because everybody plays a part in its successes and failures.
  2. I believe conflict can be a good thing, because problems need resolving.
  3. I believe in open communication, because transparency builds trust.
  4. I believe in listening, because what you think is important.
  5. I believe in adapting to change, because it’s essential for survival.
  6. I believe in building resilience, because life and work can be stressful.
  7. I believe in dreaming about the future, because we need a vision to guide us.
  8. I believe in teamwork, because we’re in this together.
  9. I believe in making mistakes, because we’re only human.
  10. I believe we must keep moving and growing, because the world is always changing.

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